Our Journey

Once upon a time, a dream breathed air...
Alchemy finds its trial from a word which serves as a magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

The dream was gladly received, cherished.
At Alchemy, we strongly believe & attach weight to the accomplishment of our sole motive: to churn out the real you, through our bigger-than-life apparel customization concept. We at Alchemy excel at customization of hoodies, zippers, t-shirts, pull-overs, alumni merchandise, mugs & much more. Precisely, customization at its very best that brings about value addition .

The dream evolved.
In a generation where each one of us aspire to be someone else, Alchemy helps its Alchemites to stay glued to their real selves, by promoting the ME mantra.

The dream was draped, adorned, wrapped.
Advertising, marketing, branding, promotions have taken an all new leap altogether. This is where again Alchemy pushes out of the dew & bring at your disposal a very unique, on-the-go concept for promoting, advertising, advocating your brand, establishing unity for your friend circles, garnering strength for your cause & intending your solidarity unmistakably.

The dream started developing wings.
The world of Alchemy focuses & revolves around one central force - ME. Through our eyes, our valued Alchemites.

The dream took wings. Today, we are a reality.

Welcome to the world of Alchemy. This is ME!

Sneak-in. Be an Alchemite.

Add a splatter of colors to your casual weekend attire wardrobe with our latest range of classic customized (slogans, quotes, logos) hoodies, tailored to suit your desires.

Simply lounge around in a customized, soft, soothing color finessed sweatshirts to complete a relaxed and layered look.

Get funky & look cool sporting a all customized T-shirt with your group names or favourite slogans. Time to attract some eyeballs!

Flaunt united colors, slogans, logos & pattern to bind people & help them show solidarity for your cause.

Our Clients

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